After graduating with an MsC in Architecture, Vassiliki Kostoglou was accepted with a full scholarship at Politecnico di Milano in 2011, thus commencing her second MsC in Design. During her stay in Milano, she had the opportunity to work in the Triennale di Milano and the renown Studio Luca Schachetti. Upon her return to Greece, she decided to implement a long contemplated project. Result of this planning was Studio Kappa, which was just recently rebaptized into Kostoglou Architettura.

 The range of projects implemented is quite broad, and includes, among others, medium and large scale design, construction and interior design. Main areas of focus have been large scale home rennovations and house planning. The "Italian experience" as well as frequent visits to exhibitions and common projects cooperations, have influenced the studio's methods and style of creation, while at the same time enhanced its extrovercy. Cooperations in countries such as Russia and Turkey confirm the impact of the notorious Italian style design on the aesthetics of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Site under construction

Mitropoleos 51
54623, Thessaloniki