Nea Paralia, New Cat-walk

The design concept was inspired by the sound frequencies which can be heard in the opera and the diversity of the sounds in just one theme. For example in just a few minutes during the opera performance a viewer can hear a loud scream which is followed by a whispering bass response or even complete silence which are complimented by the motion and expression of the actors’. This transition from high pitched and stressful sounds to more bass and soothing ones, the tension which comes and goes, the deconstruction of one complete sound mass to little bits of diverse sound frequencies is translated in our design to thickening and rarefaction. Perforated forms that let the sound through and thick forms that capture and absorb it. Basically the spectrum of sound led us to the spectrum of form from solid to translucent and of course all the “in between notes” that exist before one is transformed into the other.

The idea of the material that had to be used which would allow us to knit all of the in-between frequencies would have to be a sort of mesh. This particular technique provides many design alternatives and infinite combinations of solid planes transforming into perforated ones, so it is perfect for building our form. Inevitably, the main part of the clothing is made of safety net (the classic orange safety net which is places on fences of construction sites) and is made of plastic. To help this main “fabric” turn into a gown we used similar netting materials (such as plastic polybags, plastic nets etc.).

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