Residence in Panorama

Residence in Panorama 2020

The building is a three storey residence in panorama, Thessaloniki, comprised of a ground floor and two floors above. The building was originally designed and built in 1980. On the outside of the original building hung polygonal balconies, which were a distinct characteristic of the architecture norm of the time. This was of course distributed with many more morphological elements such as the typical roof and the rustic window frames.
The completed building as it stands today, is redesigned in a simpler manner, it has taken on a more ortho-regular form, with the outer “void and solid” contrast making up the grid of the main design concept. This contrast also directs the movement flow as well as the stations while moving around the house and is in agreement with the same contrast (of solids and voids) as they are found on the inner part of the building. The view to Thermaikos bay is emphasized because of the natural slope of the area, this also helps the house have enough sunlight throughout the building, giving an almost monastic cinematic effect as the sunlight shines through the vertical windows and skylights.
Earthy tones and warm grey colors were chosen to paint the outer walls of the house in order to match the brown tones of the surrounding nature as well as that of the aluminum frames. The house has two bay-windows (erker in Dutch) which were painted with the ironic oxidation method, as to reference the corten textures. The rest of the elements are also chosen to have natural textures such as granite or cement blocks. The basic idea behind all of these choices was that the outer coat of the building was integrated into the natural surroundings, which consists of many olive trees and a lot of brown earth, as a rougher but natural element.
As a continuity of the materials one finds on the outside of the house, they will stumble upon white and grey tones matched with oak wood and ajax marble on the inside. In the bedrooms the tones and the materials sweeten; oak floors are placed under walls painted in calmer tones of white and grey with less contrast, providing the residents with a peaceful atmosphere.

Apartment with White Tower View

Apartment with White Tower View 2019

This project is a renovation of an 8th floor, 80 square meter, pent-house apartment located on Ethniki Aminis Street in Thessaloniki, with a White Tower view. The apartment consists of a living room, a guest/ TV room, a dining room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The apartment building is decorated in the Art Deco style and has clear influence of French architectural motifs, all of which were integrated in the design of the apartment. A variety of elements that already existed, such as some metal pods, were reserved and used as space dividers in the dining room. The owners’ old furniture were also restored and placed in the apartment and any new furniture was chosen to be in the Art Deco and executive style.
The color pallets used were the following:
– Oak wood for the flooring (fishbone and parallel layout)
– Grey shades for seating
– Pink shades for the couch and demo (closet wallpaper in the guestroom)
– Gold and Bronze for accessories (metal tables, lights and door knobs)
– Calacatta marble for details
– Walnut wood for furniture

A new TV room was created as an extension of the living room which is consolidated/ separated through a hidden sliding door with white lacquer. With the relocation of the walls we created a walk-in closet/ laundry room in the hallway, so as to insure storage space as well as make an aesthetic statement because the result creates the illusion of the wall retreating outwards, since the lacquer has the same color.

The intension of the bathroom design was to create a living space for two reasons; firstly to create enough space for the large furniture the owners chose and secondly to refer to a scenery.

Lastly, the kitchen is designed with feminine lines, avoiding sharp edges in order to facilitate movement, especially because the kitchen is an axis of three paths. Also a round table is integrated in the kitchen bench which creates sitting places for three people without cutting off any movement direction.


Ripples 2019

The object is a duble-faced light fixture. Basically two glass lids, that have the same shape in both vertical and horizontal sections, come together to shut on an oversized bronzed ring which functions as a handle. The light fixture minimal length (12-15cm for each glass lid and 2cm for the bronze ring) so appart from a main hangning light fixture it can be hung on the wall- it can be considered an one dimensional object, if we were to exadurate. The diameter of each circle is 40cm and that of the ring is 50cm.

The originality of the construction is that the glass lids can be covered with other transparent materials with the same section such as tinted glass or a variety of opaque materials such as fabric, cork, matel etc. This gives the object a front and back side and the function can be transformed from a light fixture to a simple ornament. This gives the owner the chance to change the mood whenever they find fit.

From an aesthetic point of view, the object is elegant, it uses transparent and “clean” materials, and the shape initiates a game with the subconscious through a motive that we allcome across each day. The concentric circles, which we find throughout nature but also in the sciences, create a pleasant scenograhy, which can make a very interesting contrast with the use of a share coloured tinted glass.


Genesis 2019

Genesis is a folding office table with a hanle for easy transortation iof the object when folded and while it is in use. The special design element is that all of the table is made up from just one piece of wood. This design bares an advatage as much as the cost is concerned and is very user-friendly.

-Low construction cost
-Easy to store (because of plank shape)
-Easy to transport and deliver (logistics)
-Light construction- it can be carried by one person
-It can be assembled without tools
-It can be easily produced with serial production
-Lean production

Info Point By The Seaside

Info Point By The Seaside 2019

This project is an Information Kiosk for the manicupality of Thssaloniki and it islocated next to Vasiliko Megaro, the Whiet Tower and in the beggining of the neo-cultural axis from the statue of Alexander the Great until Telogleio.

The Info Kiosk was realized with a donation from the Stavros Niarchos fund in 2018 in collaboration with Natasa Chatziaggeli’s office, who designed the pattern of the floor.The floor is the main feature of the kiosk, it was constructer from layers of coloured rasin, which create the illusion of overlapping and transparansy. It was carved with the use of a grid and finally it was polished with a varnish of high reflectivity. This had two advantages, firstly to provide the flooring with more resistance and secondly to provide the user with a light-headed feeling, in relation to the sea which is very close to the kiosk. All other elements of the kiosk were designed in whote or neytrual lines and materials, so the floor can be fully emphasized.

Calendar Design

Calendar Design 2019

Τhis is a pocket-size calendar for everyday notes. The folding concept derives from a formalistic approach, so when you put it on your office desk you get the impression that it is a small abstract sculpture or a wraped up antique object, depending on the surrounding material which can be wood or even leather, not a common calendar.

The design is based on the way the paper sheet folds, in order to save space. At the same time, according to the way you fold it and set it on the desk, it can be useful to depict the month we want or even 2 months simultaneously, or any other combination we want.


Vellum 2019

Vellums offices were designed and constructed by our architectural practice. It is the second office renovation for Vellum Educational Services. The tilt of the grid, on a plan level and the combination of the shapes with the original structure grid of the offices, created five sub-spaces which are not recognized right away. The light moves from the front offices to the back offices through glass windows and a large double door. The chosen style was Nordic Design with details based on the colours of the companys logo.

After the renovation was completed, Open House Thessaloniki was inspired by our design and created a bag from these offices on Agiou Mina Street! The insiration came from the colours and the fishbone pattern used on floors and walls alike.