Historic Detached House in Drama

This project consists of a renovation of a three-storey detached house in Drama. The original building, built in eclectic rhythm, didn’t cover the new residents’ needs and wishes, so an extra floor was introduced in the design process, on top of the pre-existing top floor, to accommodate recreation areas with a roof garden.

Ornaments of the eclectic period were chosen to decorate the façades, such as window panels or plaster ornaments to frame a whole opening.The way the house was painted is a loan of French façades of the time. All windows were expanded and a bold metallic structure was used to support the new opening. The hard metal element is a contrast with all the soft materials of the exterior and this emphasizes both in a perfect way.

The interior had a restriction due to the original height of the space; in earlier years the required heigh was much smaller than nowadays for a variety of reasons. In order to address and solve this problem, a double height living room was designed and a floor-to-ceiling bookcase was integrated into the space, which was a requirement for the owners.

All the bedrooms, apart from the guestrooms were situated on the first floor and a playroom was created on the second floor, along with a Jacuzzi and a roof garden. The second floor is dedicated to recreation and relaxation.

The furnishing was chosen from companies such as Β&B Italia, Maxalto, Poliform etc., which combine contemporary design with timeless details and materials. An important feature to the interior is the marble that is used to cover different surfaces, these pieces of marble all come from the family quarry, thus a unique atmosphere is created because each piece was chosen specifically for the intended purpose.