Double residence in Panorama

The architecture study was completed in collaboration with architect Katerina Efraimoglou.

It is a double residence in Panorama. Each house consists of a basement, ground floor, first floor, attic and a common swimming pool. The very intense construction elements of the pre-existing structure, such as the beams and the vertical walls were emphasized to show off  each unique elevation and to differentiate each seporate residence.

Externally, the facades of the building were designed in a monolithic way, covered with kourasanit style walls without wall claddings. The only warm and delicate decorations are the sliding window coverings, placed carefully because the facade is facing the West.

In the interior, oak wood is the dominant element which is combined with earthy tones and pal coloured furniture and details. Large windows are placed in the front and the back facade of the house, which allows it to breathe. We maintained the pre-existing hight difference, embodying it in our design and turning it into a sitting nook. The bedrooms are located on the first floor, however the master bedroom has access to the attic and uses it as a dressing room.

In the basement, the guest house and the playroom suticfy the remainder of the daily needs of the family. At the back of the two buildings, a protected back yard is created, which includes a single swimming pool for both houses. This is a place where the two families can relax, socialize and enjoy the view of Mt. Chortiatis without the disturbance of the road.