Info Point By The Seaside

This project is an Information Kiosk for the manicupality of Thssaloniki and it islocated next to Vasiliko Megaro, the Whiet Tower and in the beggining of the neo-cultural axis from the statue of Alexander the Great until Telogleio.

The Info Kiosk was realized with a donation from the Stavros Niarchos fund in 2018 in collaboration with Natasa Chatziaggeli’s office, who designed the pattern of the floor.The floor is the main feature of the kiosk, it was constructer from layers of coloured rasin, which create the illusion of overlapping and transparansy. It was carved with the use of a grid and finally it was polished with a varnish of high reflectivity. This had two advantages, firstly to provide the flooring with more resistance and secondly to provide the user with a light-headed feeling, in relation to the sea which is very close to the kiosk. All other elements of the kiosk were designed in whote or neytrual lines and materials, so the floor can be fully emphasized.