Info Point By The Seaside

Info Point By The Seaside 2019

This project is an Information Kiosk for the manicupality of Thssaloniki and it islocated next to Vasiliko Megaro, the Whiet Tower and in the beggining of the neo-cultural axis from the statue of Alexander the Great until Telogleio.

The Info Kiosk was realized with a donation from the Stavros Niarchos fund in 2018 in collaboration with Natasa Chatziaggeli’s office, who designed the pattern of the floor.The floor is the main feature of the kiosk, it was constructer from layers of coloured rasin, which create the illusion of overlapping and transparansy. It was carved with the use of a grid and finally it was polished with a varnish of high reflectivity. This had two advantages, firstly to provide the flooring with more resistance and secondly to provide the user with a light-headed feeling, in relation to the sea which is very close to the kiosk. All other elements of the kiosk were designed in whote or neytrual lines and materials, so the floor can be fully emphasized.

Calendar Design

Calendar Design 2019

Τhis is a pocket-size calendar for everyday notes. The folding concept derives from a formalistic approach, so when you put it on your office desk you get the impression that it is a small abstract sculpture or a wraped up antique object, depending on the surrounding material which can be wood or even leather, not a common calendar.

The design is based on the way the paper sheet folds, in order to save space. At the same time, according to the way you fold it and set it on the desk, it can be useful to depict the month we want or even 2 months simultaneously, or any other combination we want.


Vellum 2019

Vellums offices were designed and constructed by our architectural practice. It is the second office renovation for Vellum Educational Services. The tilt of the grid, on a plan level and the combination of the shapes with the original structure grid of the offices, created five sub-spaces which are not recognized right away. The light moves from the front offices to the back offices through glass windows and a large double door. The chosen style was Nordic Design with details based on the colours of the companys logo.

After the renovation was completed, Open House Thessaloniki was inspired by our design and created a bag from these offices on Agiou Mina Street! The insiration came from the colours and the fishbone pattern used on floors and walls alike.

Bildo Pet Bag

Bildo Pet Bag 2019

This bag was designed for Bildo Company and its cooporation with Disney. It is a pet bag made out of polypropylene, which can be used to carry any toys your pet might need. The target group this pet bag was desined for are young girls, so more feminine lines where chosen and the colour scheme consists of pal shades but brightly coroured, in order for the bag to stand out and seem appealing to children. The motifs are cirlular and they imitate the holes that would have been essential in an actual pet bag for the little animal to breathe out of.

Prefabricated House

Prefabricated House 2019

Contemporary needs, minimum time spent in the house and the greedy search for more and more space have led many people to “minimal living”. The design challenge which accompanies this space, which will only satisfy the basic needs, is the reconstruction of our way of living. This architecture synthesis leads to smart solutions, which challenge “comfort” and “conformation”, and gives users a sense that something was design to fit them like a glove, an sense which makes anyone feel unique, even in a small space.