Bildo Pet Bag

Bildo Pet Bag 2019

This bag was designed for Bildo Company and its cooporation with Disney. It is a pet bag made out of polypropylene, which can be used to carry any toys your pet might need. The target group this pet bag was desined for are young girls, so more feminine lines where chosen and the colour scheme consists of pal shades but brightly coroured, in order for the bag to stand out and seem appealing to children. The motifs are cirlular and they imitate the holes that would have been essential in an actual pet bag for the little animal to breathe out of.

Prefabricated House

Prefabricated House 2019

Contemporary needs, minimum time spent in the house and the greedy search for more and more space have led many people to “minimal living”. The design challenge which accompanies this space, which will only satisfy the basic needs, is the reconstruction of our way of living. This architecture synthesis leads to smart solutions, which challenge “comfort” and “conformation”, and gives users a sense that something was design to fit them like a glove, an sense which makes anyone feel unique, even in a small space.

Texture Apartment

Texture Apartment 2019

This project is a pent house on Egnatia Street, close to Agia Sofia, in the center of Thessaloniki. The needs pf the owners led to the fabrication of a bedroom in the front of the house. For this reason, during construction, we chose materials and special structures which hide the bedroom entrance from the rest of the living spaces, such a choice was the frameless door. Restorations of the owners old furniture were a big part of the project and any new gained furniture were chosen in grey tones (the same as the rest scheme of the house) in order to highlight teh exhisting furniture which had very bright colours and pop influences.