Apartment in Nea Krini

The apartment is located in NEA Krini, Thessaloniki and overlooks the sea of Thermaikos.

The resident family needed two bedrooms, a living area with a kitchen, a guest room and two bathrooms.However, the home will be used primarily for short-term life, so the design required to meet both expectations.

All of the above required to fit 70 square meters, so a mixed use of spaces has been created.This also helped living spaces to have more than one window, so that air can flow throughout the house. In actualization, for example, the guest house serves as a visual extension of the kitchen, the island of the kitchen as a TV cabinet, etc.

Chevron herringbone was used for the floor, throughout the house. Due to the intense decoration of the floor, the kitchen island was designed in a light way, with feet to underline the material of the floor.

Architecture study – Construction: KOSTOGLOU ARCHITETTURA