The object is a double-faced light fixture. Basically, two glass lids, that have the same shape in both vertical and horizontal sections, come together to shut on an oversized bronzed ring, which functions as a handle. The light fixture has a very thin length (12-15cm for the glass lids and 2cm for the bronze ring) so apart from a main hanging light fixture, it can also be hung on the wall. This makes it multifunctional and useful for different types of uses. If we were to exaggerate, due to its depth, the fixture could be described as a one-dimensional object. On the other side, the diameter of each circle is 40cm and that of the ring is 50cm, making the whole construct slim and slick.

The originality of the construction is that the glass lids can be covered with other transparent materials, that have the same section, such as tinted glass, or a variety of opaque materials such as fabric, cork, metal, etc. This gives the object a front and a back side and the function can be transformed from a light fixture to a simple ornament. This gives the owners the chance to change the mood whenever they find fit.

From an aesthetic point of view, the object is elegant. This occurs firstly due to the materials used, which are transparent and “clean”, and secondly due to its proportions. Furthermore, the shape initiates a game with the subconscious using a motive that we all come across daily, that of the concentric circles. We find them throughout nature as well as in the sciences, and they create a pleasant scenography. This association can be made very clear with some materials, such as clear glass, however, a very interesting contrast can be created when using more harsh materials such as metal or colored tinted glass. This makes the whole endeavor playful and interesting.