Residence in Thermi

This project is an interior renovation of a residential building located in the suburban area of Thermi, near Thessaloniki. The house is 160 square mete and it is divided in two floors. The living spaces are located in the lower floor, while the bedrooms and the main bathroom are on the upper floor. The owners wanted a modern and bright design solution with elements of boho style. To highlight the minimal and contemporary style of the residence, all the interior walls were painted in white color. Wallpapers in the color range of petrol blue and pistachio are strategically placed in order to create accent walls and focal points. Most of the boho style elements are placed in the kitchen, since it is the part of the house where the members of the household spend most of their time during the day. All pieces of furniture were designed in simple, minimal lines that create bold geometries and clean forms.

The color palettes used were the following:
– Beige shades for the couch and seating
– Petrol blue and pistachio shades for wallpaper
– Walnut veneer wood and white lacquer for furniture
– White color for interior walls and interior doors

Furniture, kitchen cabinets, special structures: ΚΑΡΑΠΙΠΕΡΙΔΗΣ – ΠΑΡΙΤΣΗΣ
Fabric-wallpaper: M&F FLORA
Light fixtures: SKD ΣΙΔΗΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ
Kitchen light fixture: ΕΝ ΤΟΙΣ ΕΡΓΟΙΣ (Kastoria)