Projects / Residential

Texture Apartment

Texture Apartment 2019

This project is a pent house on Egnatia Street, close to Agia Sofia, in the center of Thessaloniki. The needs pf the owners led to the fabrication of a bedroom in the front of the house. For this reason, during construction, we chose materials and special structures which hide the bedroom entrance from the rest of the living spaces, such a choice was the frameless door. Restorations of the owners old furniture were a big part of the project and any new gained furniture were chosen in grey tones (the same as the rest scheme of the house) in order to highlight teh exhisting furniture which had very bright colours and pop influences.

Cozy Kitchen Design

Cozy Kitchen Design 2019

The needs of families change when new members arrive at te home. This was the case in this particular project, the owners needed a more extrovert kitchen when compared with the rest of the spaces of the home, with a potential unification with the living room by abolishing the exhisting dining table which clustered up the whole space. These two needs (dinning and cooking) were united to create onw main movement axis, on which the user will move along the kitchen and end up at the rotonda- the meeting spot of the family. The materials used are bright and light so there will be a lighter tone in contrast with the adjoining living room.

Genova Bedroom Design

Genova Bedroom Design 2019

This project take place in a vacation house in Chiavari, Genova. The need for a new bedroom for the family moved the masterbedroom to a smaller room, with a challenging layout, because the room is very linear, with very small width and large length. We chose to create a wardrobe using a light space divider in the entrance, and the bed was placed in such a way to have a view towards the sea of Linguria. The materials chosen ware oak for the furniture and and off-white forged cement floor.

Oddly Shaped Apartment

Oddly Shaped Apartment 2019

The main difficulty of this project while designing the living space was the fact that the perimeter of the exhisting appartment did not consist of parallel walls and there were very intense angles to “play with”. We isolated the corridors and the movement axises the users would need in order to move from one side to the other and after that we created the living spaces, along them, which were designed around the intense angles. As a result the angles seemed to be toned down. The materials that were chosen were in earthly tones, such are ivory lacquer, olive green (for the walls) and oak wood.