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Genesis 2019

Genesis is a folding office table with a hanle for easy transortation iof the object when folded and while it is in use. The special design element is that all of the table is made up from just one piece of wood. This design bares an advatage as much as the cost is concerned and is very user-friendly.

-Low construction cost
-Easy to store (because of plank shape)
-Easy to transport and deliver (logistics)
-Light construction- it can be carried by one person
-It can be assembled without tools
-It can be easily produced with serial production
-Lean production

Calendar Design

Calendar Design 2019

Τhis is a pocket-size calendar for everyday notes. The folding concept derives from a formalistic approach, so when you put it on your office desk you get the impression that it is a small abstract sculpture or a wraped up antique object, depending on the surrounding material which can be wood or even leather, not a common calendar.

The design is based on the way the paper sheet folds, in order to save space. At the same time, according to the way you fold it and set it on the desk, it can be useful to depict the month we want or even 2 months simultaneously, or any other combination we want.

Cozy Kitchen Design

Cozy Kitchen Design 2019

The needs of families change when new members arrive at te home. This was the case in this particular project, the owners needed a more extrovert kitchen when compared with the rest of the spaces of the home, with a potential unification with the living room by abolishing the exhisting dining table which clustered up the whole space. These two needs (dinning and cooking) were united to create onw main movement axis, on which the user will move along the kitchen and end up at the rotonda- the meeting spot of the family. The materials used are bright and light so there will be a lighter tone in contrast with the adjoining living room.

Genova Bedroom Design

Genova Bedroom Design 2019

This project take place in a vacation house in Chiavari, Genova. The need for a new bedroom for the family moved the masterbedroom to a smaller room, with a challenging layout, because the room is very linear, with very small width and large length. We chose to create a wardrobe using a light space divider in the entrance, and the bed was placed in such a way to have a view towards the sea of Linguria. The materials chosen ware oak for the furniture and and off-white forged cement floor.